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Comics Who Love Comic Books

Nov 29, 2020

Welcome to Comics Who Love Comic Book episode 16! This week's guest is comedian Dean Lewis. Dean's son asked, "Why is it that Superman's always been good but Tony Stark had to learn to be good?" (GREAT QUESTION.) Do you know who played Captain America in the 90s unreleased movie? Who should play Galactus in the...

Nov 14, 2020

This week on Comics Who Love Comic Books:

What's your favorite newspaper comic strip? What's your favorite version of Batman's origin story? Why does Alan Moore have creepy depictions of women? What are the Christian Archie comics? What are some of the musicals based on comics? Why the hell doesn't Brett have a library...

Nov 7, 2020

This week on Comics Who Love Comic Books:

What made X-Men: The Animated Series so good? Which version of Cyclops is the best? Will we ever get a short actor to play Wolverine? When did comics stop having footnotes? Are digital comics OK? How close are the X-Men movies to the comic books? Why doesn't my wife care about...