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Comics Who Love Comic Books

Aug 28, 2021

We mostly have fun with movies this week. Which Flash is the best and why is it Impulse? What is Impulse's deal? What happened when Cosmic Ghost Rider raised Baby Thanos? What is the best way to address Chadwick Boseman's death in Black Panther 2? Will we ever get a Wolverine vs Hulk live action movie? How about a What...

Aug 20, 2021

Solo episode! This week Brett discusses the different digital comic book services - Comixology, Marvel Unlimited, and DC Universe Infinite. Which is his favorite? Spoiler alert: all of them. Plus what comics is Brett reading right now? Check it out!

Recorded 8-19-21 via Audacity

Aug 13, 2021

52nd episode - 52! What is it about a large-sized comic that makes it so much fun? Do movies from your childhood hold up when you get older? What awesome comics did Doug trade his lunch for? How big is Doug's collection? What can you do with your old comics? What controversial opinions does Doug have about comics? What...

Aug 6, 2021

Today's guest had a long relationship with Stan Lee and it's fascinating. Are Archie Comics real comics? What TV show did Darren audition for? Remember The Electric Company? What are Fumetti Comics? What are Darren's regrets about his time with Stan? What did Stan do every day at noon? What DID we do on MySpace?...