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Comics Who Love Comic Books

Aug 13, 2021

52nd episode - 52! What is it about a large-sized comic that makes it so much fun? Do movies from your childhood hold up when you get older? What awesome comics did Doug trade his lunch for? How big is Doug's collection? What can you do with your old comics? What controversial opinions does Doug have about comics? What is Previews? Who was on the original Defenders team? Who are Kevin Maguire, Alan Davis, Alan Hughes, and Chris Samnee? Who was the best Flash? Who is the best Blue Beetle? Who is Booster Gold? Are Wolverine and Deadpool over exposed? Is it bad that Batman always wins? What is a Mary Sue and its male counterpart, Gary Stu? Why did Wolverine beat Lobo? Did Superfriends hurt Aquaman's image?

Reading tips: Dark Phoenix Saga; X-Men early 100s; Nightcrawler mini-series; Chip Zdarsky's Daredevil; Mark Waid's Darededvil; Locke and Key; Fantastic Four: Antithesis; Justice League by Keith Giffen/J. M. DeMatteis; Formerly Known as the Justice League; I Can't Believe It's Not The Justice League; Mark Waid's Flash; The Return of Barry Allen; Kevin Smith and Phil Hester's Green Arrow; Deadpool: Dead Presidents

Recorded 8-6-21 via Cleanfeed